Book Review – A Game of Thrones

When it comes to A Game of Thrones (TV show) or A Song of Ice and Fire altogether; I’m completely clueless. So when I first started reading this book, I had no idea what to expect.

I love fantasy, and epic high fantasy even more. I originally bought the mass market paperback A Song of Ice and Fire box set over two years ago. I kept on hold reading the novels because the series is not even finished! However, during my vacation I decided to finally start reading them since who knows when the hell George R. R. Martin will finish writing the whole thing.

A Game of Thrones is the first book of a fairly long saga, which as I said, it’s not yet fully completed. This book lacked the traditional fantasy elements that I adore, like fairies and mythical creatures. Instead, this book is mainly somewhat of a murder mystery with complex political intrigue.

Each chapter is based from a point of view of a certain character, and I feel this writing technique was beautifully executed by author George R. R. Martin. Practically almost at the end of each chapter, I kind of wished it kept going more given how well it captivated me. This is why I don’t think the length of the book should scare off anyone from reading this book or series. This book is really good!

I really enjoyed reading A Game of Thrones. In my opinion, perhaps the only negative or downside to this book or series in general is that from reading just this book I can’t see one main story, instead it seems this fictional universe was written with a ton of subplots which at the end all will culminate together.

This fantasy universe is very interesting, however I have a feeling I just read a small portion (albeit over 800 pages!) of what is a massive fantasy world.

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